Current Projects on Mobile Devices:

Using Common Sense Reasoning for Predictive Text Entry

Tom Stocky, Alex Faaborg, Henry Lieberman

People cannot type as fast as they think, especially when faced with the constraints of mobile devices. The focus of this project is developing an alternative approach to predictive text entry using Open Mind Common Sense.

Real Time Searches on a Local Social Network

Alex Faaborg, Chris Tsai, Henry Lieberman, Judith Donath

Cell phone contact lists represent a very large peer-to-peer network. We are creating a cell phone based application that allows users to perform real time searches on their local social network, against pieces of information that their contacts have provided about themselves. Our matchmaking agent uses Open Mind Common Sense to understand usersí goals, and logically expand on their queries.

GloBuddy 2

Jose Espinosa, Alex Faaborg, Henry Lieberman

When traveling in foreign countries, people often rely on traditional phrase books for language translation.  However, these phrase books only work in a limited number of common situations, and even common situations will often deviate from the predefined script the phrase book relies on.  Using a vast knowledge base of common sense facts and relationships, GloBuddy 2 is able to expand on the userís translation request and provide words and phrases related to the userís situation.

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