Project Team:
Earl Wagner, Henry Lieberman, Tom Stocky, Jennifer Liu


Screen Shot: inspecting a transaction
Video demonstration (AVI, 67MB)
Purchase scenario

End-User Debugging for E-Commerce (PDF)
Woodstein: A Web Interface Agent for Debugging E-Commerce (PDF)

Project Web Page


People increasingly use the web not only to browse information but to perform actions, such as online purchases and other transactions. Existing web browsers do not provide specific support for recording and reviewing these online actions, however. Help is particularly necessary when something goes wrong and users need to diagnose problems with the processes they initiate, especially processes that span multiple sites. Woodstein is an agent that monitors an visualizes user's processes on the web. Woodstein explains the overall structure of these processes as well as their details and how the user's own data is involved. It also provides explicit support for diagnosing problems by helping users record and share their observations.

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