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About UROP Admissions

The Software Agents group hires UROPs for design, implementation and testing of software applications on a variety of platforms. All UROPs are officially supervised by Dr. Henry Lieberman but it is the graduate students who will hire you and for whom you will be working.

How to Apply

After you've decided for which current openings (listed above) you wish to be considered, please send a single email message to the addresses listed. Please include the following information:

  • Your interests
  • Your previous background (Prior hands-on experience is more important than what classes you've taken)
  • Which projects you wish to be considered for
  • Your year and academic major
  • If you've held previous UROPs, the names and email addresses of your previous supervisors
  • The URL of your resume, or attach it to the email

Here's what not to do:

  • Please don't call; it's easier for everyone to do this over email
  • Please only reply to the email addresses listed with the openings, so your message is seen by the right people and is properly handled.


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